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A podcast about the people making and using the Elm language, and the things that they do.

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    Elm Town 53 – Something to do on the side while watching TV

    Kolja Lampe takes us on a deep dive into the internals of the Elm Language Server that powers a growing number of editors' Elm support, and explains what motivates him to continue to spend more time building tooling for his favourite front end language than he does using the language itself!

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    Elm Town 48 – Making Little Games Like Presents

    Martin Stewart tells the behind-the-scenes story of how his game Circuit Breaker (built entirely in Elm, of course) came to be, starting with an ambitious plan to surprise his sister on her birthday.

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    Elm Town 47 - A Cool, Easy Way To Start Learning Haskell

    Stöffel talks about Jetpack, a simplified build tool that NoRedInk built to replace webpack, and how it started his journey to learn Haskell and eventually end up on the team behind NoRedInk's next-generation, Haskell-based server-side architecture.

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    Elm Town 45 - It Started Off As A Morning Book

    Jeremy Fairbank, the author of “Programming Elm” (Pragmatic Programmers), visits Elm Town to talk about his new book and how it teaches Elm, and about writing tech books in general.

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    Elm Town 44 - More Of A Statement Than A Question

    Members of the organising teams of all four major Elm conferences – elm-conf, Elm In The Spring, Elm Europe, and Oslo Elm Day – come together to discuss what goes into a successful Elm conference, the lessons they've learned along the way, and what we can expect at their next conference!

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    Elm Town 43 - It Just Goes On and On

    Keith Lazuka and AJ Alt from Microsoft share their experience writing the amazing Elm language support package for the IntelliJ family of integrated development environments.

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    Elm Town 42 – It's Just Darth Vader

    Erkal Selman shares the story behind Kite, a web application for drawing and exploring directed graphs written entirely in Elm.

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    Elm Town 41 – Confetti and Waterfalls

    Brian Hicks stops by to talk about elm-particle, a handy particle physics simulation you can use to throw confetti across your users' screens!

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    Elm Town 37 - Upgrading to Elm 0.19 with Luke Westby & Richard Feldman

    Richard Feldman (No Red Ink) and Luke Westby (Ellie, No Red Ink) visit Elm Town to celebrate the just-released Elm 0.19, talk through No Red Ink's plan to upgrade its 250K lines of Elm to the new release, and revisit Luke and Richard's talks from Elm Europe on web components and data structures, respectively.

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    Elm Town 36 - The Risk of Elm with Dhruv Dang

    Dhruv Dang visits Elm Town to share his experience learning from and ultimately adoption Elm at Project6. We discuss issues of team leadership, risk management, and hiring, and Dhruv explains Project6’s elegant solution to SEO with Elm.

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    Elm Town 35 - Herzog Drei with Francesco Orsenigo

    Francesco Orsenigo visits Elm Town to share a behind-the-scenes look at his game Herzog Drei. It’s written entirely in Elm with 60fps SVG graphics and gamepad support.

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    Elm Town 30 - Accessibility with Tessa Kelly

    Tessa and Murphy talk about accessibility, why it's important, and what Tessa is doing with her Elm libraries (accessible-html) to help people write accessible HTML more easily.

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    Elm Town 27 - Murphy Randle's Story

    Surprise! Mario Rogic is your host for this episode, because he's interviewing the normal host of the podcast, Murphy Randle.

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    Elm Town 21 - Ellie!

    Murphy and Luke discuss Luke's community contribution, brilliant side-project, and our sponsor, Ellie.

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